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  Owen and Luke Wilson have become solid box office stars, and in a rather short time (about 10 years) have built up an impressive body of work.  Their brother Andrew Wilson may not yet have the name recognition that they do, but has also appeared in some rather big films, usually in small but memorable roles.  All three of them hit the Hollywood scene with the low budget but critically acclaimed hit BOTTLE ROCKET, directed by Wes Anderson.  Now all three brothers have collaborated on a new film called THE WENDELL BAKER STORY, in which Luke plays a well-meaning ex-con who find himself in a retirement hotel filled with some rather eccentric characters.  While confronted with the shady superintendent (played by Owen), Wendell Baker struggles to do the right thing not only for himself, but for the miserable residents in his new place of employment.  The film was written by Luke, and co-directed by Luke and Andrew.  Even their mother was on the set doing photography, making this a truly collaborative family effort.  The brothers, along with some of the supporting cast, attended a red carpet premiere in Dallas on May 7, 2007 at the historic Inwood Theater.  The screening was part of the AFI DALLAS FILM FESTIVAL, and as part of the presentation the brothers were given the prestigious Star Award from the directors of AFI, including Michael Cain.  We here at were on hand to cover the event, and we got to talk to the brothers and supporting cast as they arrived on the red carpet.  You can see if all in the following videos.  Special thanks to spot4media for handling video.




In this first part of our red carpet interviews, we talk to Luke Wilson, along with co-stars Jacob Vargas and Seymour Cassel, who discuss their experiences making the film.  Just click the PLAY button.






In this second part of our red carpet interviews, we talk to Owen Wilson and Andrew Wilson, who share their thoughts on making the film, and a few tidbits about their favorite Dallas spots.  Just click the PLAY button.






Big thanks to Luke, Owen, and Andrew Wilson, plus Jacob Vargas, Seymour Cassel, John Wildman, and the AFI DALLAS FILM FESTIVAL for making this happen.  Also thanks to Heidi Headley and the crew from Levinson and Hill.


THE WENDELL BAKER STORY opens in limited release May 18, 2007



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