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Steve Niles announces next film

Article by Mark Walters

  You heard it here first kids, and straight from the man himself!  30 Days of Night creator and writer Steve Niles officially announced on the 76th weekly Bigfanboy Livecast that his new film project is going to be Wake The Dead, based on his IDW 2003 comic book of the same name.  The film is a collaborative project between Niles and director Jay Russell (Ladder 49, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep), and a definite change of pace for Russell, who apparently wants to do horror.  Steve also mentioned the screenplay will be written by James V. Hart (Bram Stoker's Dracula, Contact).  People have been curious what Niles would do next, after the box office success of 30 Days of Night last October, and it's subsequent success on DVD.  Steve expressed his excitement over the project moving forward, after getting clearance to announce it only an hour beforehand.  During his appearance on the Livecast, he also talked about working with artist Kelley Jones on the new DC book Batman: Gotham After Midnight, a twelve-issue mini-series.  You can hear Steve's interview more in depth by downloading the 76th episode RIGHT HERE (right click and save - Steve comes on just over the 16 minute mark).  The Bigfanboy Livecast can be heard every Thursday night on at 10pm Central (11pm Eastern).  You can also look for Steve Niles' new comic with Bernie Wrightson called Dead She Said, now available from IDW Publishing.  And as of this week Steve's Batman book should be on the shelf of your local comic shop. says pick it up!


This is a WAKE THE DEAD teaser put together by these guys to get ideas of what the movie could be.

You can find out more about Steve Niles by going HERE.


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