by Mark Walters

Mark:  Iím standing here with John Cho and Kal Penn from the movie HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE.  Let me kick things off by asking John, how did you get involved with this film?  Tell me about the process of getting started on it. 

John:  I met Jon Hurwitz, who is one of the screenwriters, at a screening for another movie.  And he came up to me and said ďIíve got this script that Iíve written with you in mind.Ē  And thatís sort of how I found out about the script.  Iím not really sure what the machinations were behind the scenes, but it certainly came together very quickly, and soon I was meeting with the director.  I went through the audition process, and read with a whole bunch of different people, and then it came out to me and Kal. 

Mark:  Cool.  Kal, how about yourself? 

Kal:  UmÖ Iím fine. 

Mark:  Just with getting started and hooked onto this project, was your role in VAN WILDER and MALIBUíS MOST WANTED something that made them come to you and say they want you on this? 

Kal:  No, I donít think as much, I mean it was similar.  I met the writers at a friend of mineís birthday party.  We talked for a while, and they said they had written a script.  They described it and I really wanted to read it.  I loved it, and it really came together that way.  I think through the audition process, especially towards the end of it, one of the things that definitely helped me were previous credits.  But I donít think it was the driving force behind it. 

Mark:  Are the writers and producers thinking franchise on this?  Are they thinking of doing more movies? 

John:  We have a deal to do three of them, if indeed they want to do it.  And the writers just got back from a research trip to Amsterdam.  The sequel would be called HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO AMSTERDAM

Mark:  Research? 

John:  Yes, research. 

Kal:  Strictly research. 

John:  And I hope youíre not going to put quotes around the word research. 

Mark:  Maybe quotes around when I say research, but not when you say research. 

Kal:  They did not goÖ yeah. 

Mark:  They did not go where? 

Kal:  No, no, thatís it. 

Mark:  Oh. 

John:  (to Kal)  Iím subtle.  Youíre not. 

Kal:  Iím not.  I was gonna sayÖ 

John:  No. 

Kal:  I canít, all right. 

John:  You canít say I was gonna say the thing and then say the thing. 

Kal:  Alright I canít say the thing.  UhÖ yeah. 

John:  Two sequels though. 

Kal:  Weíre signed for two more sequels.  Whether theyíre made depends on the success financially of the first one. 

Mark:  Okay.  Was there any footage cut out of the movie that we can expect to see on the DVD? 

John:  Yeah, thereís a bunch. 

Kal:  There was a lot. 

Mark:  A lot? 

John:  Yeah, including the original ending. 

Kal:  Yeah. 

John:  We changed the ending.  So look for that on the DVD.  I think itís going to be a fantastic DVD, (to Kal) donít you think? 

Kal:  I think so.  Thereís a lot of extra footage on there.  There were a lot of scenes that were cut because they wanted the road trip to happen pretty quickly, so there were some really good moments that youíll get to see on the extended version. 

John:  And a lot of Kal messing up lines. 

Kal:  Thatís because John was having big attitude problems, (John laughs) and I couldnít work like that.  UhÖ thatís a joke. 

Mark:  Can I put that in quotes? 

John: and Kal:  Yeah. 

Mark:  And last but not least, what have guys got coming up next. 

John:  I got a couple movies coming out.  Thereís this movie, and one called SYNERGY, and a TV show on NBC this fall called THE MENíS ROOM

Kal:  I did a film in Houston called DANCING IN TWILIGHT.  Itís coming out next year, but itís probably going to do the festival circuit.  I just finished a film called A LOT LIKE LOVE with Disney that going to come out in February. 

Mark:  Disney eh? 

Kal:  Itís notÖ I mean Disney is the studio, but itís a romantic comedy. 

Mark:  Alright, well thanks guys we really appreciate your time. 

John:  Thanks very much. 

Kal:  Thank you!

John Cho, Mark Walters and Kal Penn


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Posted on July 20th, 2004



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