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  These days there are many questions surrounding responsible parenting.  But what happens when a child pushes their parents too far?  Could it happen to you, or someone you know?  And which side will the public take, yours or that of the child?  These questions are raised in rather disturbing ways in the new thriller JOSHUA, directed by George Ratliff.  The film stars Sam Rockwell, Vera Farmiga, Michael McKean, and newcomer Jacob Kogan as the title character.  It's an engaging and perhaps controversial film, which will certainly have many folks looking at their own family lives.  The following interview was done in Dallas as part of a promotional tour with George Ratliff.  Special thanks to spot4media for handling video.



George Ratliff talks about making JOSHUA

After attending the advance screening of JOSHUA, I had the honor of moderating a Q&A with George and an enthusiastic audience.  Following that we sat down for a one-on-one chat about the film, which you can see here.  Just click the PLAY button.





Big thanks to Roderick Stoker and the Angelika Dallas theater for making this happen.


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