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Recap by Mark Walters


 If you missed the first BIGFANBOY LIVECAST, December 14th, 2006, you missed a lot.  Special guests included Thomas Jane, Steve Niles, Tim Bradstreet, Jim Daly, Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, and Jaime Mendoza, plus a special surprise guest.  Things got off to a great start when Thomas Jane talked about THE PUNISHER 2, which looks to finally be making some progress.  Tom announced that the latest draft of the screenplay is going to be written by Stuart Beattie, who penned COLLATERAL for Michael Mann, and worked on all three PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN screenplays.  Steve Niles pointed out that Beattie also did a draft for 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, which just wrapped shooting last week, and will be released October 19th, 2007.  Steve also mentioned that 30 DAYS was going to be released against Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN remake, but that Zombie's film was pushed back to August.  Tom talked about shooting THE MIST with Frank Darabont, saying they're headed to Shreveport, Louisiana on February 19th.  Jane said the script looks fantastic, and that Frank is putting together a wonderful cast.  He also revealed that Darabont is working with Bernie Wrightson on all the creature concepts for the film.

Tim Bradstreet, Niles, and Jane talked about the exciting covers coming up for BAD PLANET, including pieces by Bernie Wrightson, Mark Schultz, Michael Kaluta, Bradstreet, and Dave Stevens.  BAD PLANET #2 will come out in May.  Their other book, ALIEN PIG FARM, will feature covers by William Stout for issue #1and #3, and Mark Schultz for issue #2 and #4.  There will be a re-issued BAD PLANET #1 featuring an all-new cover by the new series artist James Daly, coinciding with the release of issue #2.

Concerning THE PUNISHER 2, Tom says he'd like to make a drama, without any goofy stuff.  "Just straight noir, drama, with the inherent blood and guts in it."  Jane also says it will definitely take place in New York.

 Niles and Jane talked a little about their buddy David Arquette's horror film THE TRIPPER.  Niles mentioned they've got distribution through After Dark, and the film should be in theaters this spring.  Steve said you can expect some more BATMAN stuff from him at DC.  Niles and Jane also mentioned their hope that Tom can play Cal McDonald in a film, which they're shopping around to get done.  Jane talked a little about his upcoming film THE DARK COUNTRY, which he's going to direct and star in through Lions Gate Films.  Tom said he's going to shoot it in 3-D as well.  Perhaps the biggest surprise came when Ron Perlman arrived at Tom's house during the livecast, and jumped on the phone for a few minutes with us.  He did say there's plenty going on with HELLBOY 2, but that he's not privy to any of it.  Perlman had great things to say about THE MUTANT CHRONICLES, in which he co-stars with Jane.  It will be another year before we see it though.  Look for the HELLBOY animated movie on DVD this February.

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You can download the entire first episode by clicking here.

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