Starring Jeff Bridges, Missy Peregrym, Vanessa Lengies, and Maddy Curley

Directed by: Jessica Beddinger

Review by Dana Place


After getting in trouble with the law, Haley Graham (Missy Peregrym) is sent off to a gymnastics camp in the hopes of taming her wild ways.  As a former student of the camp she disgraced herself and the rest of the team by letting them down at a crucial moment in a finals tournament.   After learning to work with a team, she rallies her fellow gymnasts to teach them all a valuable lesson in fair play.

I have to say that I really donít have anything more than a passing interest in gymnastics.  But I didnít really think that matters in this movie.  STICK IT is another in along line of motivational, uplifting, girl power films.  A team of 13 year old gymnasts was just the vehicle used to tell it.  Being a thirty year old male, I canít think I was the targeted demographic for this movie.  Taking all of that into account, I actually kind of like this movie.  For anyone that isnít a fourteen year old girl that needs motivation and a little uplifting, you kind of have to take this movie for what it is; a fun little film that really does no harm either way.  Sure you get your share of teen angst and watered down establishment bashing, but it all comes up roses in the end.  The film has goofy little teenager moments but was (dare I say it) ďcuteĒ.  STICK IT has plenty of X-Games teenage antics that kind of come with any movie meant to attract teenagers.  This is Jessica Beddingerís newest film since BRING IT ON, and she seems to have found her niche in this little sub-genre of sport films.  She was able to put together a well rounded movie and seems comfortable telling the same type of stories, whether they are about gymnastics, cheerleading, or female power lifting, and I think that helps to make the audience just as comfortable watching it.  This is a really good example of one of those films that as long as you walk into the theater with an open mind, there is a good chance that you are probably going to walk out with a nice smile on your face.  Because occasionally even thirty year old males can get a little lift from a film marketed for teenage girls.

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