Review by Dana Place


Starring Robert Carlyle, Catherine McCormack, Harold Perrineau, Jeremy Renner, and Rose Byrne

Directed by: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

  28 weeks after a mysterious virus is released on the populace of England, the infected have all but died away from starvation, and an American led UN security force has taken over the island in an attempt to rescue any possible survivors and to eventually rebuild a civilization.  As rescued citizens are reintroduced back into sequestered portions of London, a family is reunited, and they start working towards a normal life.  One of the survivors has a unique ability and very soon after her arrival the plague is introduced back into the population.  The military solution to the plague is to wipe out anyone and everyone who may be or eventually be infected with the virus.  A few survivors of the initial outbreak and the military response have to find a way off the island, all while avoiding the infected masses and a massive military arsenal.

First off, this movie is violent, bloody, gory, and completely full of chaos. While the film tends to take its time getting into the meat of the story, once the chaos begins, it is nonstop until the end of the movie.  The director makes effective use of quick cuts, blanched film and shaky point of view shots to reflect the chaos of an increasingly chaotic situation.  Tension mixed with graphic violence and enough gore to keep most horror fans twitch a little bit makes this film seem like a very speedy 99 minutes.

  The film still uses the original formula of a small group of people against a world of infected enemies, but this sequel is more focused on a foot race across London with amped up violence, gore and tension.  Where 28 Days Later is focused on tension, 28 Weeks Later is filled with explosions, decapitation, and plenty of flying body parts.  These differences make this sequel a completely different film with a completely different feel.  Where the original relied on feeling for the characters and understanding their situation to have a more meaningful experience, in this film the fun comes with the masses of dead bodies, outright chaos, and moments of eerie silence followed by quick scares.  This film is a fun popcorn film full of chills, spills, and more than a bucket of blood.  If you are looking for anything different in a zombie film, then you probably arenít looking for a real zombie flick.  Although, technically not a zombie movie, that is another discussion for your weekly movie geek round table.  Either way, a good, violent, horror flick that is well worth a few of your hard earned dollars.

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