Review by Dana Place


Starring the voice talents of Angela Bassett, Daniel Hansen, Matthew Josten, and Laurie Metcalf

Directed by: Stephen J. Anderson

This film was made for 10-year old boys and 30-year old men who remember that they were 10 years old once.  Don’t get me wrong, other people will like the film too, but a film with overblown villains, invisible flying cars, a hilarious T-Rex, and a 12-year old boy hero scientist was designed for the little inventor in all of us.  Lewis is an orphan who was abandoned on the doorstep of his orphanage as a baby, and when he isn’t daydreaming about his real mother he is busy trying to put to life whatever idea happens to pop in his head, much to the chagrin of his roommate and friend, Goob.  While daydreaming of his mother one day, he decides to try and put together a device for the school science fair that will pull out his memories as a baby to be viewed by anyone nearby.  When the experiment goes awry, Lewis is introduced to a boy claiming to be from the future who is there to save him and the evil “bowler hat man”.  Obviously skeptical, Lewis follows the boy until he realizes that what he was told is true and he is in for one wild ride.

Meet the Robinsons, more than anything, is a sweet little story about a boy looking to belong to something bigger than him.  While a little schmaltzy and sentimental at times, the film is full of futuristic gadgets, bumbling villains (did I mention the absolutely hilarious T-Rex?), and enough jokes to keep most kids glued to the screen.  The film does something that most animated films seem to only hope to pull of.  Most of the jokes will have adults laughing to.  While this film does cater to children, there are more than a few jokes that come completely out of left field designed to amuse parents too.  There is a running gag throughout the film that will probably fly right over a child’s head but is absolutely brilliant in my opinion.  As an added treat, this film is in 3D.  As with most 3D films, the animators seemed to take more care to make sure that objects jumping out at the audience were more detailed and better fleshed out.  While this could get annoying and take some of the surprise out of the movie, the animators varied the objects enough to still allow the animation to be fun.  All in all, Disney computer animation managed to put together a film that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike without making the 3D look gimmicky and actually add to the enjoyment of the film.  I absolutely recommend this film for anyone who has a child or wants to be able to sit in the dark and giggle like one.

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